Manpower Development

If technical know-how and expertise in an animal-handling related discipline is one of your professional goals, you would need a Continuous Manpower Development training, to help perfect your skills on-the-job.

In Vetsolutions, our philosophy in a successful training is the ability of the trained person to apply his lessons in his field operations, and be confident about it. We take our trainees through a job-specific, well-structured, thoroughly researched course work, from the classroom to the field.

Our goal for an inclusive training involving Classroom and Hands-on training is to hand down the intellectual competence and technical know-how expected of the coursework to the trainees, in a manner that will both develop their confidence and efficiency.

We don’t stop there…

We go an extra mile to stay relatively close to our certified trainees, for post-training assistance – to help them perfect their ‘newly-acquired’ skills, on-the-job.

Finally, our manpower development training are meant to address the dearth of competence and effective operating procedures in field practice.

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Other training programmes, you can call for:

  • Pest Control and Housekeeping Training
  • Advanced Wildlife Resources Management Training (for zookeepers, wildlife biologists, wildlife conservationist and environmentalists, animal scientists and wildlife control personnel).

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