In operation, Vet-Solutions is limitless: we break geographical limits in search of solutions for our clients.

We Network With Veterinary Professionals

We work with veterinarians within our environments and outside to get the problems solved. Provided the problem is solved, we are happy!

We Network with Para-veterinarians

While we are vocal in checking quackery, we are open to educate them properly on where their limits are, and how they can help improve the professional image of veterinary practice.

Everyone has a role to play!

We Network With Other Professionals

We also work with personnel and professionals from vet-related disciplines.

Animal scientists, breeders, wildlife biologists, ornithologists, wildlife darts men, conservationists, animal nutritionists, zoologists, environmental biologists, dog handlers, kennel attendants, pest control personnel, veterinary technologists and veterinary technicians.

If your discipline relates to animals, there’s something we can do together: trust!!

We Network with Researchers

Our clients would have less to worry about!!

We constantly research on latest method and knowledge that will help project the images of our corporate clients and professional ‘friends’ to the competitive market.


We are corporate members to:

  • Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association (NVMA), Lagos Chapter.
  • Institute of Industrial Security and Safety of Nigeria (IISSN): www.iissn.com
  • Security and Safety Electronics Marketers of Nigeria (SSEMAN): www.sseman.org
  • Foundational member of Dartsman’s Society (an online WhatsApp interactive group for practitioners using Remote Drug Delivery System (RDDS) in wildlife management.

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