SVSN-Vetsolutions International Limited, (fondly called, “VETSOLUTIONS”) is an agro-veterinary service provider with passion for uncommon veterinary-related solutions.

As an ambulatory group, we boast of expertise in field operations – both in core veterinary practice and related disciplines.


Impacting our world positively through the veterinary profession.


To reach out with a superior veterinary service delivery system to all categories of would-be prospects


Our Goals

  • To be a force to reckon with whenever matters regarding veterinary services are being raised.
  • To be leverage point for young and upcoming veterinary professionals and para-professionals.
  • To be an alternative source of information and economic empowerment to veterinarians in and out of active practice.
  • To be capable of providing most, if not all the solutions necessary to make veterinary services worthwhile.
  • To be an adviser on agro-allied matters to non-veterinary institutions.
  • To make living with animal fun to co-users of the environment.

Our Strategy

To be a solutions bank for all investments relating to animal handling and breeding, we will network with relevant professionals and corporate entities with proven problem-solving records in the field – irrespective of how much it costs us. Our goal is to get the problems solved.

Our Kind of Clients

Our clients involve, not only veterinary institutions, but also schools, security outfits, environmental protection organizations, public health organization, conservation societies, agricultural organization, animal farms, meat animal production companies, Health and safety organization, standard organization, veterinary products marketers, wildlife control societies, humane handling societies and animal breeding groups.

If animals are involved… we are interested!

The Quality of Our Team

Our team comprises a group of versatile and dynamic players in the field practice of agro-allied business. We have verse experience in veterinary practice and additional competences in project management, occupational safety, public health and environmental protection.

We blend the veterinary-related aspects of professionals from various backgrounds, walks of life, languages and disciplines into money-spinning initiatives.
More so, where our internal competence is not sufficient to provide the optimal solution anticipated for any of our projects, we reach out to our Technical Partners.

In a nutshell, we constantly engage our in-house competence in challenging tasks. However, we also work with professionals and experts from other disciplines, and from other organizations.

If you have the solutions… we would partner with you!


Our Unique Selling Proposal is in answering rarely attempted questions for our clients. We go the extra mile to provide our clients with timely and durable solutions, which have both economic and marketing ends.

We provide all kinds of veterinary services to non-veterinary organizations, and diverse services to agro-veterinary institutions. This we do through human capital development, competence training, technical assistantship and direct service provision. If you have ever thought of birthing your agro-veterinary idea or if it’s difficult with others, we may be of help. Talk to us, first.


Don’t back down from that project! Let’s take the pressures off you.